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Shannon’s “Shine in Media”

Mass media. New media. Social media. 


MEDIA is THE powerful way to
get your inspired message out!


Do do you wish to raise your profile…promote your products…
grow your business?


Join me for a live one day workshop where you will discover the secrets to be more “visible” in the digital and real world, expand your sphere of influence and grow your business — by harnessing the power of media!


By shining brightly in media, whether traditional or internet, you are guaranteed to attract the right audience and the right customers at the right time with the right message. This means increased sales and income!


In this insightful event, I will share trade secrets, tips and advice to help you gain visibility and leverage media attention to sell more products/services, generate more income, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others along the way.


Here’s what you’ll discover and learn:

1. Positioning Prominence:
  • How to best position yourself in the market, so that you can create a public image that is credible and reputable.
  • PLUS the #1 thing you need to know about protecting and nurturing your image and credibility in an age where everything is now public.
2. Make Your Message Memorable:
  • Create captivating messages for your media (and marketing) materials so potential customers remember you and result in sales of your products and services.
  • Learn tips to be an effective spokesperson and speak authentically so your message resonates and is memorable.
  • Crafting your messaging for video content.
  • How to develop engaging social media conversation that makes you stand out.

3. Media Interview Mastery:

  • Prepare for media interviews so you will appear professional and shine.
  • Tips on how to conduct yourself in radio and TV interviews and prevent mistakes that could be costly to you.
  • How to navigate difficult interviews with challenging journalists, which could land you in hot water.
  • Get insight on what media want and are looking for.
  • The 3 clothing items you should NEVER wear on TV, and the one you must.

4. Media Blitzing:

  • 2 things you MUST do when contacting journalists & talk show hosts and the one thing you must NEVER do
  • the 3 most important tips for distributing Video content
  • PR and social media best practices
  • Accessing speaking platforms to reach new audiences.
  • the key items you must include in a media kit
  • how to write effective news releases and get media’s attention
  • PLUS sample templates for news releases and other media materials

AND, you will experience a real-life media Q&A interview session that you can experience and draw invaluable insights from.

PLUS, BONUS materials! You’ll get sample templates for media materials so you can get your media campaign into action right now!

WATCH my interview with You Tube sensation and expert, Laura Berg, who provides some fabulous tips on using You Tube to grow your business!


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Shannon’s How to Shine in Media
March 4, 2014 (9AM-5PM)
Location: Toronto, Canada

Cost: $397 plus tax

Early Bird (if booked by March 1st)
$347 plus tax


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