In her customized presentations, Shannon Skinner uses anecdotes from her life, peppered with her trademark wit and humour, to inspire her audiences; her style is informative and entertaining.



I Just Did it! 

Shannon Skinner‘s witty humour and stories centred around the theme “proving the naysayers wrong” inspires audiences to live the lives they choose. If someone tells you that you can’t do something, that thing may very well be what you are destined to do. And, like Shannon, being told that you can’t do it might be all the fuel you need to ignite the fire inside. So now the inner fire is lit, then top that with asking the question Why not me?, and you have a recipe to get past fear and self-doubt to jump-start your dreams and journey to self-actualization.

Unleash Creativity 

Whether is it writing a book, starting a business or traveling the world, Shannon shares references from her book,  The Whispering Heart: Your Inner Guide to Creativity, and tips and tools to give you the know-how to unlock your inspired creativity and live the extraordinary life you choose.


Learn How to Enjoy Wine (NEW keynote + wine tasting)

Shannon recently blended her love of travel and appreciation for fine wines from around the world to become a Wine Specialist. Shannon is available to speak to groups and at events about different wine styles, wine regions, and what to look for in a quality wine (at an affordable price). She can also conduct educational wine tastings for groups. Shannon received a certificate in Wine Studies in 2016 at George Brown College. Ask for more details.

Travel and Women: Stories, Tips & Advice for Women Travellers (NEW keynote)

Shannon Skinner has travelled extensively around the world – much of it solo – as a travel writer. In this powerful presentation, Shannon shares entertaining and humorous stories from her adventures, as well as travel tips and advice to inspire women of all ages to see more of the world. Topics range and include safety, how to eat as a vegetarian while on the road, destination ideas, wellness, packing tips, planning, resources, and more.

Note: can be combined with a wine tasting (see above)


How to Inspire the Best in Your Team: For Leaders 

Discover how to inspire your team and draw-out the best in them. Good communication, authenticity and creative expression are keys to fulfillment. When creativity and curious thinking are nurtured, and people feel empowered, it leads to the generation of new ideas, higher productivity and innovation. Businesses bloom, society evolves and individuals are fulfilled. When individuals are fulfilled in their roles, companies have a better chance of retaining them.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary 

Shannon shares powerful insights that she has uncovered from her interviews with hundreds of today’s most extraordinary women; insights that you can use to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary.


Shannon’s presentations are tailored to each audience. They can be delivered as keynotes and workshops, and are customized according to the needs of the organization.


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