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EP1: Samita Nandy, Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies & Carolyn Harris, royal historian (topic: celebrity activism and the social good)

EP2: Darcelle Runciman, Infinity Magazine & Reeti Mishra, Speaker/Writer (topic: spirituality and helping others through forgiveness)

EP3: Vian Sharef, beauty expert and owner, Dermedix Laser Clinic (topic: beauty and anti-aging secrets)

EP4: Dr. Joan Borysenko and Monika Burwise (topic: ancient wisdom and healing)

EP5: Ajay Tandon, CEO, Canadian Travel Services; and Vikas Abbott, Man. Director, Vasco Travel, Delhi (topic: travel to India and tips)

EP6: Dr. John Demartini, author, speaker, world leader in human behaviour; and Tylaine Duggan, Founder, Youth Day Global (topic: building a future of esteemed youth)

EP7: Dr. Amelia Case, author, Princesses with a Twist; and Ennete Pauze (topic: princesses, fairytales and building a global movement)

EP8: Elaine Froese, author/farm family coach/media personality; and Caroline Granger, President/CEO, Grange of Prince Edward County Winery Estate & Vineyards (topic: going into business with family)

EP9: Marina Nemat, author, Prisoner of Tehran; Rona Maynard, author, journalist, former editor Chatelaine, memoir workshop leader (topic: Sparking Change with Story, memoir writing and personal storytelling)

EP10: Dr. Karin Ulstrup, women’s health expert, and Cynthia Garbutt, Global Health Initiative, Northwest University Chicago (topic: advancing global healthcare and women’s health)

EP11: Periscope expert Cathy Hackl provides tips; and Jenise Lee, social entrepreneur, on buying healthy beauty products (topics: Periscope tips and buying healthy beauty products)

EP12: Veronica Grey, the Queen of Surfing, environmentalist and producer of “The Worst Shark Attack Ever” (with Leonardo DiCaprio); and registered dietician and weight loss expert, Jessa Nowak (topic: Surfing, Sharks and Healthy Living and Weight Loss)

* * *
In my interview with guest Reeti Mishra, she read lines from one of her poems. Here is the poem in its entirety:
My Golden Sunset
I have a sunset captured in my heart
It is all gold.
Over the gleaming temples,
Beyond the vast yellow fields
And within me.
The same mesmerizing Sunset over the ghats with the numerous majestic steps of Benaras from the beautifully ornated boats floating in Ganges.
The most prized view of the
sunset from the  high chat of my house in Benaras.
Enclosed inside me this golden Sunset has traveled with me
To Lima, to Rome, to Kathmandu, to San Francisco, to dar es Salam, to Toronto  and I dig in it From this gold of the sunset within me,
From time to time to give me hope
It grows there inside me.
Every sunset is a promise for a new sunrise.

– Reeti Mishra


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