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The Whispering Heart: Your Inner Guide to Creativity

The Whispering Heart: Your Inner Guide to Creativity, by Shannon Skinner

“If you would love to awaken your greatest creativity, increase your more youthful vitality and act more courageously and wisely then The Whispering Heart is the ultimate life guidance book for you.”

              – Dr. John F. Demartini

Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience – A  Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation

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The Whispering Heart: Your Inner Guide to Creativity is not only filled with practical advice and wisdom on how best to unlock one’s creative power, it is also a terrific life guidance book. It explores a range of topics from overcoming the obstacles in the way of maximizing our creative potential, such as self-doubt, fear, guilt and resentment, to finding inspiration, vitality and the courage to act on manifesting one’s creative dreams – whether it is writing a book, making a movie, painting, starting a new business or growing a luscious garden. The key to unlocking our creative power, says the author, is listening to the whisper of the heart, because if offers the wisdom and guidance to making your heart’s desires come alive — and experiencing the joy that comes with it.

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